You know how it feels?

When the fogĀ touches your Face,

And makes a wave

directly to the heart

Feels like you are in wonderland



Hopping with Joy

It makes You

Feel Alive

Feels like

There is nothing

You have to Worry about

Feels Like

Just this Feeling is Very Much REAL

To Feel

To Imagine

To Cheer

To Love

To Enjoy

It Feels Like

I have fantasies

In Your Life

Its all about the Feel

When The Fog Touches your Faceā€¦!!!


Wrote On: 3rd January 2018

It’s December!

Full of Cold,
And The Ice
Cruel, To say
Cold, To Feel
Calm, To enhale
Love, To show
Joy, To cheer
Full of Memories
Full of Laughter
Full of Breeze
Yes; She Said
Its December
To Cheerish
All the moments
To Celebrate
Love and hope
All Arround
You Can feel it
In the Breeze
Its December
You know
One Thing
Let me Tell you
It is to tell you
That every Starting
Has an Ending
Each moment in Love
Has Sad Moments in it
Every White
Has a black
Same as that,
Every part of YOU
Has each part of ME
Should I make a Promise?
I am
And I will be
Always with You
Till death
Do us Apart!
My Love
That Is December
And You are Mine
In Hot
And In every Cold___!!!